LRJ (January 19,1989 / Rapid City, South Dakota)


I have just lost the love of my life
For reasons that are my own
I wish he would come to realize
He’s the greatest guy I’ve ever known

Yes I’m a girl
But not like every other
I have treated you better that any other girl has
I have treated you like my own brother

But you ended up being more than a brother
You became one whom I grew to love
With a passion so deep
It’ll be hard to get rid of

I may have hung out with five guys
But all they were and ever will be are my friends
Loving you with all my heart
Is what my heart intends

In all reality I may have lost you
But in my fantasy you will always be there
To love me with a love
Stronger than what anyone could possibly share

I won’t ever let you go
You’ll always have my heart
Just like you always have
From the very start

I let one guy come between us before
And I told you I would never do it again
And I haven’t and never would I let it happen
Because I’ll always want us to be more than friends

Life may drag on but a day won’t pass by
Without me thinking of you
And wondering how you’re doing
And thinking of your eyes so blue

No matter what you say
Your personality is the best
And you may be perverted sometimes
But it’s not something I detest

You put humor in my life
You were there when I was down
You even put up with me
When I acted like a clown

You proved to me
That all guys aren’t the same
And that love
Really just isn’t a game

Never will I forget
Your face and smile
Never will I forget
That times with you were worthwhile

I know you think every girl is the same
And all will break your heart
But how do you know this
When you just go from what you see from the very start

Not all girls are the same
You just have to give them a chance
To prove to you they are different from the rest
Just like every separate dance

I know you have given me
Plenty of times to prove my love for you
And I know I have blown every one
Besides the past one where not everything was true

I don’t exactly know
How many tears I have cried
But I can tell you this
To you I have never lied

We had our great days
And yes we had some bad
But most of the time
We spent together both being glad

I know your heart doesn’t want to do this
But I know you’re tired of being in vain
I don’t know what to tell you
Besides I’m sorry for causing you all this pain

I’m sorry you met me
And I caused you all this grief
I’ll leave you alone
And you can have a sigh of relief

I know you probably hate me
And never want to talk to me again
I’ll just have to live with the fact
You probably don’t want to be friends

I knew something bad was going to happen
And that's when I got your e-mail
And I knew I had to find you to talk about it
Even though my emotions were really frail

It took all I had in me
To stand there and say what I had to
But it took even more of me
To make sure I didn't cry in front of you

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