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Poem By Absurd Religion

Tuned out of the world
Lost in the thoughts that race...

Thinking and thinking
Will probably get the better of me someday but for now...

Overanalyze, search and search
To find a meaning that is right in front of my eyes...

Life and death and thoughts of the world,
Overwhelm and confuse

The simplest of subjects turned to stone,
Unimaginably complicated...

Wonder what is in the next life, what to expect
If anything at all...

It is a wonder, my mind and its thoughts
As they bounce up against the side of my skull
Pounding and pounding reaching for the next reason
I pass out

Coming to, I find I think the same thoughts as before
Nothing new as that would more than likely stop my heart

One subject leads to another as trails are left behind
With nothing accomplished

Does everything think this way?
Or am I just the one
Who can’t discover anything new?

Now I am thinking myself into a new kind of sleep
And chasing my tail until I fall for the last time.

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the stars outnumber my thoughts for the first time in awhile. Poised writing. Not overdone. keep on SusxGLx