There I was, only I
standing on a seashore..
Tears welled up in my eyes
and started to roll down...
So much pain...
so much sadness
how can my soul resist?
.....I take a few steps ahead..
is anyone there?
can anyone hear me?
does anyone know..
what my hearty speaks
and feels right now?
is anyone there.....
to share my feelings with?
or, simply one,
to smile to?
I don't know...
neither my heart...
nor my soul....
I'm on a long way...
in search of a true friend.
Who knows?
I may find one....
Let my journey begin...

by Rituparna Choudhury

Comments (4)

a wonderful poem about thoughts... lyrics are free, words develop a theme, the poem is well structured
Very beautifully expressed....Well written Rituparna... :)
a very beautiful poem
i like c.c-shore and c-personality. u hv excellent ideas to explore at sea shore one thing is very real. by reading ur poem my pen starts creating a poem in response. yes. the BEAUTY IS CREATOR. if beauty doesn't create any thing. its NOT A BEAUTY lovly thoughts u hv. keep writing...keep aware us with ur Fresssssh and Taazaa thoughts.the oringin excellence.u can now c my the new poem in respons to ur poem...jst now iam writing spontaneous. your's Saathi