WM (24 oct 48 / n.j.(usa))

Thoughts And Janice

Some thoughts held close, ever so near;
others quite distant, not nearly as dear;
Some locked forgotten, safely away,
to be treasured or feared, on some other day.

Others loosed and carried on high,
A child's balloon lost to the sky!
And as they bare such a painful cost,
these as such are so gladly lost.

But of all that I've known,
and clearest do see,
the most precious of all,
are my thoughts of Thee.
Oh those grand thoughts of Thee!

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Comments (3)

The simplistic (good) rhyme and rhythm belie a cunningly constructed, emotionally heart-rendering and well-thought-out, elevating piece.... one to treasure. t x
This is a beautiful, moving poem Walt. It cut deeply to where such thoughts, such feelings lie, waiting to be stirred by only the right words in the right combination. A genuine work of art. I see now why the 'Oner' has given his stamp of approval. It's the imprimatur of a reader who is generally bang on the money. The original and best 'Oner' dishes out that stunningly low number only when he's been moved by quality writing. I've only managed to earn the accolade a couple of times out of over a hundred postings. He's cottoned on to you pretty quickly! Superb! jim PS. Thanks for the very eloquent comment on the Aldous Huxley piece. Yeah - I'm a big fan. Read a lot of his work in the 70s and early 80s, some of the non-fiction (The Human Situation was excelllent I thought) , and the 2 part bio. One of the last polymaths.
What lovely truth, and love shown in print, for Janice...for thousands to see and read. People...read this work. You will be glad you did! xxElysabeth