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Thoughts And Questions That Never End
SM (Apr 02,1976 / California)

Thoughts And Questions That Never End

Poem By Sharmila Martin

Today I asked myself a question again. At my age do I have enough life in me to begin again? And the questions just kept flowing from my mind to my hearts end. Do you know where to go from here? And to no end all this feelings began to fill me secreting sorrow that maybe tomorrow I will fail with more sorrow then the days that followed.

How is it that no progress is met with more support than the knowledge that to begin is to hopefully meet at some end for which was only your journey alone to begin. Oh but the truth transcends that a possible failure on your part may lend more bends in your life's roads before it ends. I know now looking back as the words I write down whisper to my ears what a fool I have been.

But let me tell you my friend let my words lend a roar to your life. That to never begin means you will never meet your end. So in what ever moment your in you will never be able to mend anything in your life before it ends & that my friend will truly be a sin.

By: Sharmila Martin

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