TG (January 6th / Louisiana)

Thoughts, Dreams, Imagination..

Here I lay...
Wide awake.
Only thinking.
My mind is open,
Imagines, dreams, thoughts
Just flow right in.

You think, dream, imagine..
Is any of it real?
You do all three of these..
You can't stand that it's not true.
But not you realize..There's nothing you can do.

Thought, Dreams, and Imagining things,
All can mean a lot.. But then as you
Think about it all.. It begins to hurt
Inside because you put so much thought into
It then you realize it's just all fake..

You imagine being with someone, dream of your
Future, and think about what's gonna happen in
Your life to come.
The only way to make them not fake
Is face those thoughts, dreams, and imagines
And make them true.

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