Thoughts During An Evening By The Fire.

What good is a fire, on a cold winter night,
without a lover there to hold you tight?

What good are millions of stars at night,
without the brightest part of life by your side?

Without love can you really live life?
Or do we just stumble along, barely getting by?

Can we really know what true happiness is,
without someone else being the cause of our bliss?

Asking this, the only conclusion I can come to,
is that love IS life, if it is indeed true.

If this is the case then how must we act?
Failure to do so from fear is a loss, thats a fact.

Far better to have loved and lost, the saying goes,
and you can't win if you don't enter the field you know.

And now this fire grows dim, I put my pen to sleep.
In the end you are sure to win, if like me you play for keeps.

by J.D. Crockett

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