Thoughts In A Cubicle

I know they’re all the fashion
And they’re worn by Britney Spears,
But you and her are different
Both in size and, sadly, years.

On her, they make men ogle
And fill them with desire.
On you, they’d make men double-take
Then shiver, not perspire.

I wouldn’t say you’re past it. No,
You’ve still got what it takes,
But even so, that shouldn’t show.
Too much, for heavens’ sake.

They’re ok with a slender waist,
But not with bits that sag.
You look just like a pound of fudge
Stuffed in a half- pound bag.

No this won’t do, they’re just not you.
At least you had a try.
So get them off and just be glad
The mirror doesn’t lie.


by Terry Donovan

Comments (2)

At my age I know the feeling. And somehow those mirrors in changing rooms always make one look fatter. They certainly don't flatter. Wonderful poem about something we all go through eventually. Loved it. Love Ernestine XXX
Oh, the THINKS you can Think! Ted Geiselesque