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Thoughts: Me And My Pen
AA ( / Algeria)

Thoughts: Me And My Pen

O dear Pen, I have come to you to live another life... for a little while you may have to dry the tears from the ruins.
I came to you to get away from the life of grief.
I came to you to tend the fear and pain of this land.
O pen, Fly me to the lost world.
Your truth bigger than any reality in the life.
O pen, you are the only one who did not say goodbye to me.
You are open your arms hugged me and said to me coooooome.
And I cry like a little lost child.
I cried and cried even scream.
Do not leave my heart alone.
You are the dreams, and allowed me to dream and imagine and get out of this mask.
O pen, when you leave me after this moment. Leave without saying goodbye.
My mind and my heart say there will be a meeting soon.

I live with you for the moments but it's a human's life.
How beautiful this life and these moments.
With you... Be a dreamer and absent-minded.
You say to me.
Look at the sunbeam, sunset and sunrise.
Look at the glittering stars.
Look at the moon.
You know what the inside of me the dreams and hopes.
With you. I feel safe in world is not my world.
You have convinced me and said.... You are not under the illusion.
You are in reality for a moment of time.
You told me that the man crying is not from an empty space or none.
But from the heart loves every moment of time.
With you no tears in my eyes.I. live children's happiness...Find safety.

The fulfillment, love and the missing truth
The truth and love become a mirage.
I'm looking for the truth of the truth.
And I find it, only with you, my dear pen.
Stay with me forever.

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very beautifully written :)