HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Thoughts Meets

Thoughts and feelings came from your mind and heart..
my heart felt it well as well..
while you are faraway from my eyes..
but in my mind and thoughts you are..
all my nights, my eyes see you..
and imagine you as you are lay near to me..
near and close to me in my bed dreams...
and your loving to me till sunrise..
and my loving to you always and never has a till..
never to end thinking in you..
and to continue with you to love each other all a days..
the heart felt the hugs,
and the lips too..
the souls mix up..
and our bodies became as one..
enjoyed their feelings while they taste each other..
never had that taste before, which supplied our minds and bodies with that hot love..
the thoughts met before a bodies..
then bodies touched each other..
and felt that love....
and that hot passion, which we wished from long time...
the thoughts met now in a real,
and the bodies also enjoyed that met...

by: hazem02@yahoo.com

By hazem02

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