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Thoughts Of A Despaired Dreamer
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Thoughts Of A Despaired Dreamer

Poem By Ivy Christou

I’m sitting alone at this wooden bench
Under the old oak,
Counting the lonely stars,
Wondering how many years I have wasted
Trying to keep everyone happy but myself.
I send a prayer to God,
Captured in the heart of a grey butterfly,
Covered with secret tears,
Protected with the innocence of a child
That only wished to be loved.
And I’m waiting as always,
With a patience that starts to look old
And a smile that wants to run away with my dreams.
I no longer wish to dream
All I want is someone to hold my hand
While I pass through this numb reality
That sends dreamers to the dungeons of loneliness…

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Comments (2)

I hope that you are only hibernating and that when you wake up, you feel fully refreashed.Love Duncan
i really liked this one and could relate alot, i really liked the line 'And a smile that wants to run away with my dreams'