Thoughts Of A Faithful Man

Poem By Chad Shumate

It's easy to cheat, hard to stay monogamous,
I will show you with my love and your trust.

I'm up for the challenge; it's in my heart,
Kind of like a test, I chose you, so you know that I'm smart.

Brilliant enough to avoid any distractions,
I can only account for me and not my friends' actions.

Hanging with them day in and day out, I will not do,
Because my every second will be spent with you.

By being with you should clear any doubt,
It will kill any rumor that tries to come about.

Honey, it does not cost me to pay you attention,
Women when you try to flirt, charge it to my Honey, cause I don't listen.

Because she is the only dime piece that gets this debit,
What a wonderful relationship, to her I owe all of the credit.

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