Thoughts Of Nought.

In fifty million years or so
The very countries we now know
On the five continents now widespread
Will not exist, but I'll be dead.
Long before any of this comes to pass
I will have taken my old tired ass
And departed from this life unplanned
Gone off to no man's land
Where I can do what I like best
Sleep and sleep and rest and rest.

So after I have gone on my way
How can anyone possibly say
That things will simply carry on
As they were before I was gone
Because if I am not here as me
How can things ever possibly be
Just the same as when I was?
It can't be so just because
No one will sit and write my thoughts
'Cos all there'll be will be loads of noughts.

Tom Higgins 19/10/2014

by Tom Higgins

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