G (MARCH 23, 1951 / )

Thoughts Of You

If you ever dared to ask me
If I always thought of you.
I would surely be embarrassed,
To reply, 'Tis not so true'.

There are days and weeks a plenty
When I go my common way.
When no thoughts of you or true love
Ever brighten up my day.

And you'd seldom see the teardrops
On the days I yearn for you.
For I've come to some agreement
On how much I'll shed them too.

But there always are those moments,
In the past and yet to come;
When the fates In making mischief,
Surely have, and shall make some.

That is when of course I see you
As you are when passing by.
Or see you as you used to be,
In my dreams of you and I.

Then to balance off these pleasures
There must be a price to pay,
When reminded we are mortal
And we're sure to die one day.

So it is with me this morning
As I sit alone in fear.
And I know that you're enduring
This alone, without me near.

Will I ever get to see you?
Once again, I feel them fall.
Have I ever said I love you
So you'd know my heart at all? .

As of now I've thoughts a plenty.
And it seems I'm bound to say;
That in times like this of grieving,
How do I get through each day?

Is it true I've spent a moment,
Even one my whole life through;
When I never shed a teardrop,
And I felt no love for you?

It must be, however painful,
To admit on days like this;
There are times when thoughts of living,
Do block out the loves we miss.

But I choose to take this moment
Just to say what's just as true.
That right now, I've thoughts a plenty.
And each one, is loving you.

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Comments (25)

Wonderful display of emotions. I just adore your works and how well they come together and flow so nicely, no matter the subject. Touching and exquisite.
very good.....the emotion in this is wonderfull i don't know what else to say!
Great words used which diplay the mixed feeling when we are in love! Ihad enjoy reading it!
A vivid kind of poem that describes men on their feelings about love...Great quatrain verses with fine rhymes and rhythm...
Full of love! ecstatic words! ryhm/rythm/verses emitting lovely feelings!
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