Thoughts Of You

If you ever dared to ask me
If I always thought of you.
I would surely be embarrassed,
To reply, 'Tis not so true'.

by GREENWOLFE 1962 Click to read full poem

Comments (25)

Wonderful display of emotions. I just adore your works and how well they come together and flow so nicely, no matter the subject. Touching and exquisite.
very good.....the emotion in this is wonderfull i don't know what else to say!
Great words used which diplay the mixed feeling when we are in love! Ihad enjoy reading it!
A vivid kind of poem that describes men on their feelings about love...Great quatrain verses with fine rhymes and rhythm...
Full of love! ecstatic words! ryhm/rythm/verses emitting lovely feelings!
So nice to be that much in love. Love can be treasured forever and I know true love is always here to stay and never goes away. Beautiful poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb
Lovely...painfully sad...but lovely. Why is it that those lost loves of our lives...are often the greatest loves? ? Hugs, Dee
'If you were to be imprisoned I believe that you'd add words together and free yourself, simply because you can'.keep writing
you immortalised the echoes of my heart..i put my pen down in the presence of such greatness..
wow, truly inspiring. i can really relate to this poem. beautiful.
hey beautiful words. are u in love with this person around whom u have penned all these words--or is it just a fantasy. let me know nah. great. keep up yur beautiful writing
Very good. ^_^, I loved it
You expressed this very nice, one can read this fluent and enjoy it, great work!
Wow.. that's pretty much all I can say about this one.
Hi GW Well said...sweetly and honestly...fine work, it is.....thankyou. Best, D.
Like the structure of this poem and the sentiments, both honest and tender-hearted. You have a good feel for the phrasing of poetry - the final stanza rounds off your poem very well indeed. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Oh, I do like this one! It's so nice to hear a man say what's in his heart, because so many consider it a sign of weakness to do so. Whether or not this is a personal confession, it certainly is heartfelt and also quite sad. Beautifully written. Linda :)
Beautifully written with a great climax. Very touching indeed. Andrew
It is Charming and ennobled poetry... Tsira
as u verse it simply burns brilliant, wonderful poetry when flown by the love mystical in time and space, i do admire the ingenuity when you have played, great write,10/10, thanks for sharing