Thoughts Of You

is there anyway to forget
vanish these thoughts from my mind
I've been searching for so long
trying to get rid of this regret

as i walk down these dreaded hallways
I'm all alone, i see no one
only me and my thoughts of you
as i await the day i see you again
its been so long
since I've seen your face
i know nothing can ever replace
the way i feel when I'm with you
i try and dream of you
but all i see when i close my eyes
is darkness followed by my fear
don't worry i wont shed another tear

i wish you were here
it would be so much easier
if i could just hold on to you
be away from the people i hate and
by the one person that actually cares
I'm not safe here, I'm never safe
threatened for my life
almost everyday
you give me the strength
i need to get through each day

i always thought i would never find
a person that cares for me as much as you do
and now that i have i never want to lose you
just thinking about you walking away from me
tears me up inside and breaks my heart
i just know i would fall-a-part
ill love you forever
my thoughts of you are all i have

by jessie warren

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