AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

Thoughts Of You

I think about you every day,
Just because I want it that way.
I think of you, when I wake at night,
Your on my mind til the morning light.

I fill my head, with the things I need to do,
But I am ONLY TRUE, to my thoughts of you.
I think of you all the time,
Thoughts of you are always on my mind.

I often wonder where you'll be,
I also wonder if you think about me.
Even when we don't talk these days,
I am still thinking of you, always.

I think of you til my head is sore,
I just think of you more & more.
Even if we don't get to spend any time,
I can't help but to have,
thoughts of you on my mind.

Do you ever think about me,
or ever wonder where I'll be?
If you do, Just let me know,
& give our love a chance to grow! ! !

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Oh, i know how you feel! ! ! Great poem!