Thoughts Of You

I try not to think of you
But every time I try to forget you
Something always reminds me of you
And I wish the thoughts of you would just go away

I miss you deeply and I don't know why
I wish I could escape every thought of you
Because of all those lies you told and I was foolish to believe everyone

How can I be in love with you still
When for months now I've been trying to get you off my mind
But my heart won't break free

It feels like all these thoughts of you will never fade away
I wonder why I care about you so much
When all you did was lie to me

Now I'm sitting here still wondering my life away about you
Thought by now I'd be over you
But I guess these feelings and thoughts will never go away

Maybe one day I will get over you
Maybe one day these thoughts of you won't take over my heart
One day maybe you will forever fade from me

Nov 21 2008


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