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Thoughts Of You
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Thoughts Of You

Thoughts of you never leave my mind
They’re with me every minute I find
Your face I see before my eyes
Your picture I look at with a thousand sighs
Why do I still feel the way I do
And why does it still make me so very blue
The joy of your voice when you seek to ring
Pulls at my heart strings and makes them ping
We have never been close, have never touched
But oh god still now, I want you so much
I know we both have other people we love
But we still reach for those stars above
It’s just a flirt something we both enjoy
But lately you’ve become so very coy
If it’s not me that you want any more
Then let me know, because my heart’s so sore
I can’t bear the thought of losing you now
We can still have fun and laughter somehow
I’m sure there’s another in your thoughts today
Your interest in me is waning I’m sad to say
I wish I could let go but my feelings are too strong
And I know I shouldn’t have them, they’re wrong
But I just can’t help the way I still feel
Thoughts of you all the time just seem so unreal
Oh how I’d love to meet you in person one day
To hold you close, smell your body and say
That you are my dream and I want you to hold
So come on, make that date, be bold
I’m waiting my darling for you to say the right thing
Just to be together for a few hours will make my heart sing

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