Thoughts Of You

So many nights,
I sit alone,
I stare at the sky light,
for a new star to be born.

Yet I find my thoughts,
wandering back to you,
so much you taught,
in all that you knew.

Over and over,
I play back that day,
remembering my thought,
will he die today?

Yet I still live with the burden,
of telling myself not today,
everything will be just fine,
he will be ok.

Little I thought,
the tumor had grown,
and for that day I forgot,
the importance of home.

If I could do that day again,
I would have been by your side,
despite all of the pain,
I would have surrendered my time.

I miss you so much,
the life we shared,
the thoughts and touch,
of laughter and care.

After you died,
you came in my sleep,
you told me to have pride,
and believe in my dreams.

You told me not to forget,
that you love me too,
and have no regrets,
for not being with you.

And know matter what,
our lives may have in store,
we have each other,
memories and more.

Well sometimes it’s hard,
to remember those dreams,
to laugh and love,
with happiness and peace.

Sometimes it’s hard,
to get up each day,
to carry on,
and believe in fate.

Sometimes it’s hard,
to believe you are gone,
the comfort in you,
I looked so far upon.

The friend I found in you,
I will cherish for a lifetime,
and the memories I have of you,
will always linger in my mind.

So once again,
as moonlight fades away,
I look up for you,
to guide tomorrow’s day.

(Dedicated to my Uncle David...Dec.28,2000.
Written July 28,2005)

by Jody Moody

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