Thoughts On Global Warming From An Australian.

I am not a pinko-greenie. In fact I'm rather blue in hue,
but even I can see the world is being made anew.
We chop down all the forests, the rivers are all damned,
with pollution in our cities, and salt rising from the ground.
The Great Barrier Reef is dying, the poles are melting ice,
and still we have the doubters, will no evidence suffice.

Its all a pinko-greenie plot, no global warming here,
shove more wood on the barbie, and have another beer.
Go get another carton, and use a plastic bag,
we need the coal production, we must support the flag.
Forget the flora and fauna, build cities around the coast,
lets support the oil producers, Australia needs them most.

When Australia turns to desert, and its cities start to roast,
what will we tell our children, the ones we love the most.
Its all a pinko-greenie plot, they were the ones to blame,
and an occasional bluey-greenie, I can't recall his name.
However as the hot winds blow, and blue skys turn to red,
just pass another cold one, as tomorrow we'll be dead.

by Ralph Carpenter

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