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Thoughts On Hangovers:
(6-26-1980 / othello)

Thoughts On Hangovers:

Poem By Jon Edward Walker

I find it funny
watching and hearing others
complain of hangovers
I’m always hungover or drunk
that’s normal
I feel hungover
if I don’t drink

I laugh inside as they clutch their heads
and pop Tylenol
while they mope around
doing their duties
in life

I offer a drink as I make one myself
it’s a little rough
to convince the stomach
but it sure makes the head feel better

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and a beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad so i had one more for dessert goot one, Jon. If you do want to have a sober morning tho, i would suggest 2 asperin before bed and an alka-seltzer with tomato juice before you get out of bed.Tried and tested
nothing like a strong belt of booze to get things going and give a trill and a thrill is a winderful emtoino to seek and dwell in a fine poem
You've reminded me why I don't drink Jon! Thanks. :) Sincerely, Mary