Thoughts On Oblivion

To fade into oblivion is to be forgotten
Like a piece of rancid meat that has been spoiled rotten
Or maybe like a older child when a new is born
To fade into oblivion must fill a heart with scorn

To fade into oblivion like the star of yesteryear
Outshined by a new icon, resigned to fates unclear
When faded to oblivion one must have to ask
What was it that I did to allow my time to pass?

To fade into oblivion like a prisoner chained in sin
Awaiting like the sun the time when he shall rise again
To fade into oblivion what a scary thought
I knew some friends who went there but their names I’ve now forgot

To fade into oblivion, it must be cold and dark
It was captured in a painting once, now a forgotten work of art
To fade into oblivion is like drowning out at sea
Some will fade into oblivion but some will not be me.

by Jouri Frazer

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