VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Thoughts On Thoughts

Being alone in the darkness, when it all makes sense
Free to engage the utilities, from radicals to pretence
Dawning of a realisation, conjured to the understanding
A vocal monologue, or soliloquy, reveals tendering

Flagrant knowledge to become, the minds dynasty
Gravity of this paradox keeps me close to complexity
So much to fulfil my thoughts, senses now divulged
Aggression, to the passiveness of hearts counselled

Imagery presents to the illuminated, permeated genius
Much acknowledged, in the way of the acrimonious
That we stand idle, to effect, of the harsh anthropology
A social decline, in the sleep of the blinded chronology

So unforgiving have we become, the next best arrives
To relinquish the reanimated, so to anoint the hives
When the picture is of words, the action is singular
To now affect the perceptions, of the bilateral conjurer

Adaptability destroyed by technology, of convenience
To speed to the objective, by the slowing, of ignorance
Pulling it all together, to stitch into a perfected collage
Baring the relevance for creators, of this mental barrage

Ideals and sarcasms, mixed to the completed personality
Unleashed in comedy, to stress the point of the viscidity
Of the moments times and events, stay in mind somewhere
As the tear, betrays the unflustered demeanour, to the air

When my final curtain calls on a destiny, completed in death
From the journey I undertake, for the maximum of breath
Laying my tracks for the machine to run, independently
Thus not deemed subordinate, or the victim of solidarity

Screaming my energy from the frustrate, but savour art
Build upon a standing of touched mortar, of this heart
Climax is never reached, when one so desires furthering
The point of reference, to better this pragmatic delivering

Conclude to the infinite, seems almost a contradiction
Seemingly cynical this fate, in her unrivalled dictation
So much left to consider, in the unbridled exodus of time
Everyone’s perceptions are different, so answers are only mine

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