Thoughts Or Memories?

Isn't a memory just a thought?
Or was a thought of you just a memory?
Something I can look forward to but never had..
Or was it something I had but never looked forward to?
But don't a memory just fade to black?
Or does the black just take over?
For so long we loved but was it alright?
Or did we just want to believe it was?
Have we really thought about everything all the memories?
The question?
All the lies to just keep from the truth?
So is the truth just lies?
So why dont I feel the same?
Or do I just choose not to?
Aren't those just words?
That you just thought about?
just to make memories?
So why cant this memory just be a thought?
Just so this thought can fade?
So was it you I wanted to fade?
Or was it just I?
So a thought or a memory?
You choose I'll pick the way..
But is it what I want?
Or just what I cant have?

by Asha Adeana

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