Thoughts To Address

It can be both an emotional and difficult struggle,
To stay or either walk away...
From an ignorance identified.
And being able to relate,
As to the causes and reasons why...
Remaining that way is a choice one decides.
With it known to be perceived that way,
Has its moments to be satisfying.
Leaving expectations of others,
Kept low as if they know...
Who to disrespect.
Based upon impressions from them they get.
More heard are judgements passed.
More heard to tolerate are criticisms.
On a daily basis.
Coming from those fixated on assumptions.
Until it is discovered,
A book not to read...
Has little to do with the contents.
But the contents to reveal them,
Can embarrass anyone...
Who believe they know,
What is on the outside...
The inside does not show.
And those who already know that,
Choose for whatever the reason...
To be perceived as ignorant.
While those who expose their limitations.
Living lives desperate to impress.
And opinions to give.
Without living to experience obtaining wisdom.
Or thoughts to address.
From one who is perceived as being ignorant,
Is obvious to observe.
And within seconds can assess it!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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