(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Thousand Pieces

Thousand pieces of broken glass,
Thousand pieces of sweet love to share;
But fools don't go to heaven.

A bird's nest,
A soldier's boots,
Something to dig with;
But you've now humbled her so,
Take her as your wife.

You kissed her and brought her to your home,
And behind her veil with your muse;
But her wet places are now noted.

Cast lots for the two goats and,
Let her play with your muse;
For she's now with you at your residence!

Net, pet, let, set, wet, bet, get, jet, met, ret, yet, vet;
On the eight day with love to care for your lover,
And like the fat of the sin offering.

It must be eaten the same day with a pleasing aroma,
Strong and long to respect those in authority;
For her pleasing aroma brought you closer to her.

Smooth and soft from the dreamland of love,
For the fruits of her love was met by your muse;
And like fine flour mixed with oil.

Smooth and wet to respect the colours of the rainbow,
The raw flesh was what attracted you!
And of the beautiful bed that she laid on.

Just this once with the muse of your love,
So bathe and anoint yourself with love;
For the Wilderness of Egypt is like the colour of your love.

Coastline of sweet love from the great sea,
Wheedle the riddle and fiddle the needle;
And like the Vineyards of Romance at the Callers Spring.

Water came out of it and your sweet love was noted,
For she lulled you into a deep sleep!
And just this once with the muse of your love.

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