Poem By Robert L. Bixler III

A thousand things I could say, still the words never leave my mouth
A thousand times I could have tried, still I fail my desires in conception
A thousand beats does my heart skip in anticipation of your arrival
A thousand lives must I live before the lines fall in place

The lines have been drawn, and I steer with them.
We have come to terms with what we feel.
Still all the while I can feel this terrible ill
From this song that my hearts sings to you, a requiem

There are things that I could say
So many words of selfish desires
Words filled with emotional fires
But all of them I shall hold for another day.

A thousand actions race my mind, yet none could I ever enact
A thousand emotions beg to be played, yet everyone held back
A thousand ways that I could be more than just a wild one
A thousand moments I could share in a single lifetime

Times that I am with you are the best
That I can remember on cloudy days
It seems that in a thousands ways
I can never seem to let the memory of you rest.

The darkest of moods are lifted by your smile
You remind me of all I should be
Your light illuminates the path I see
The path that I should walk all the while

A thousand girls around me, yet there is only one that stands out
A thousand songs do I hear, still only one plays the tune of my heart
A thousand scents could never over-power your sweet one
A thousand deaths shall I have before your memory dies in me.

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