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Thousands Of Things To Write About

Thousands of things to write about on land and sea and sky
The birds who live on waterways the dark swallows that fly
O'er rural and urban landscapes chasing their flying insect prey
They are the fastest birds of flight in the bright lamp of day
The right whales of the southern hemisphere an amazing sight to see
Seen with their calves near Warrnambool these huge mammals of the sea
The camellias, rhododendrons and wattles who wear their lovely flowers
In the cold depths of Winter in frost and sleety showers
The fish of seas and waterways from the whaleshark to the trout
In the amazing World of Nature so much to write about
In the Literary World there's writers block some call it writers drought
On such a terminology one has to cast some doubt
When there is so much to write about in the bigger World out there
In Nature's amazing Kingdom wonders are everywhere.

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