Three Angels

The angels three of the Apocalypse,
In chapter, fourteen, verses six thru twelve;
Reveal God's last plea to the human race,
Into these precious treasures we must delve.
An urgent message of transcending love,
So special for this age in which we live;
Helps make our calling and election sure,
As we turn to God who longs to frogive.
There's no other way to give Him glory,
Than to obey that first angels' bidding;
In awe, to reverence His Holy name,
And accept the grace of His pardoning.
So worship Him now who made heaven and earth,
On the day that He made to remember;
For the hour of His judgement has come,
Thus proclaims the heaven sent messenger.
So, who can comprehend what fools we be
As to reject His loving compassion;
Choosing to follow our own wayward course
Into spiritual fornication.
Such confusion comes form rejecting truth,
And following the commandments of men;
Tossed about by every wind of doctrine,
And rejecting mercy time and again.
Thus Babylon fills up her cup of woe
And becomes a habitat for devils
A cage of every unclean hateful bird
And a multitude of other evils.
Stilled then the wooing love of the Spirit,
When God gives up on the children of men;
Leaving them to their own inclination,
To travail alone the wages of sin.
And oh such woe that third angel proclaims,
To those who worship the terrible beast,
Giving allegiance to our wiley foe.
They become to the fowls of the air, a feast.
For the wrath of God poured out full strength,
Into the cup of His indignation;
Will torment them then with fire and brimstone,
In justifiable consummation.
For a loving God must put sin away,
In His great plan for man's salvation;
And evil's mask must be fully exposed,
To purge clean His entire creation.
All who are redeemed from this pit of sin,
Keep by choice all the commandments of God;
And gain a faith that endures to the end,
Patiently enduring His proving rod.

by Clarence Diller

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