Three Black Birds

One day, three black birds that were perched very high,
Could be seen against the blue face of the sky,
One over a pole with the others upon
The line that it held, through which much sound had gone. Why they were perched up there, nobody could say;
Perhaps in great anticipation of prey
Or else just to survey the land far below
Where, back and forth, traffic of all kinds would go. A breeze touched their garb of black feathers but they,
Emotion or movement, dared not to display
For, like three grim sentinels, did they remain
Where they were as if to guard a great domain. However, in time, would those three black birds fly
To perch on that spot no more, beneath the sky
As like Past and Present and Future upon
A certain place from which they now would be gone. To somewhere else, then, would the three black birds go
And only they would be the ones who would know
The length of time that they would all remain still
Perched upon that new place, their goal to fulfill.

by Frank Cortazo

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