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Three Centuries From Now

In the park in the Springtime three centuries from now
Will songbird in the sunshine pipe on leafy bough
And will boys play football in the sports ground of the town
And will cars and trucks on the street buzz up and down
For with climate change rampant who is to say
What forms of life will exist in the World three centuries from today
Since any respect to our Earth Mother most of us humans never pay
Extinction for us who have caused so much of it may not be far away
Homo Sapiens have caused the extinction of flora, fauna, bird and acquatic species for centuries
And have been polluting air, land, waterways and seas
Despite our successes and our survival instincts through our sexual drive
In a World ravaged by drought as a species we will struggle to survive
In three centuries from now what sort of a World will it be?
The thought of it even seems too much for me.

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