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Three Clears
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Three Clears

1 AAAA Three clear.
Why there are three clears or there are three sweeps.
Each person after birth there are lots of photo images of lives and picture pixels that shot up or draw up in our brains.
Our pass experiences and learning are flash bulbs and markers to our brain photos and minds pictures.
Then each person put their efforts, vim and moneys to their actions and all are sending and giving with purposes.
But actually our worlds have many different cults and many different realms that control by many different leaders.
Many of them are with different fetish status.
They and we all crave for powers, many positions and loves.
They all expect different results for what you think and what you feel.
On de facto if you have special or some pure or advanced thoughts and if you may be being squeezed out oranges then you have no luck.
What are your apple ciders?
One of you may go to three clear ways or three clean sweeps.
They may be just, sounds and fairs. Or they may be amour-propre (self respects (de soi) and good to strive (forcer de fair qqch pour la valeur bonne)
In our worlds there are many philters and placeboes. As o am some coward on some times and as to meet my live possible, I got some ill wills.
Some very success doctors as doctors or doctors as psychiatrists have exotic pills.
They seldom use them to their own men or own self. They say also with so many minds and wills’ tactics and tricks and all to do is force into a draw or withdraws…..
They know they are Hong Kong communists and they think that controls and sovereigns by them are good on divine rules.
I use the word rule they like the word laws. Even for rules there are evil or good cursors.
Worlds may be heartless that regard every things as loves and hates tests. Every thing is natures for themselves and the devils take the most powers.
What is used for divined laws or gods? Gold laws and jade rules are what kinds of lives protocols.
They successes and they fail. With out powers balances there are no fail safes.
I cry for gods as our situations.
I think about the worlds and my cursors are on Taiwan time in some.
But there are no tab keys to real drawings.
A grand picture need to decors by pure thinking.
What good is China republic sovereign become thick.

1 Some laws are thin and quick.
2 Some wills are evil to sow.
3 Some stories on China histories have no now space bars.
4 Some tunnels are mad horses.
5 Some ages are capsules with ill powers.

Are there more than five evil tunnels?
Five or more evil tunnels against three clears.
Who got our worlds with three clears?
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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