Looking Beyond The Grave

Looking beyond the grave
Perfect collage of skeletons mass
Potholes of grass, footprints in petals
Pounding on the ceiling, while we stare at the sky
Never ending in dream, far from reality
Insanity of the mind, genius of deception
Temptation of the spirit.

Expand your wings
Run to the ground
Sit standing, sleeping awake
Drifting slowly down the abyss
Don't try to miss
The ultimate ride, eternal bliss
The beauty of death's kiss, a gift

With contents known only in the land
Of the fallen, the chosen.
The glorified in their denial
The sadist, in the mask of the holy
The lost and the forgotten
The here and misjudged. Misplaced.
Understandably wrong, misquoted in truth

Disguised as a patron
Martyred by love
Remembered through worship.
Lost, through wanted amnesia
Memory restart, wanting to remember that,
Which was never there. Relating to falsehood
Creeping, while running.

Open séance to speak through, native tongue
Kissed by the blade
Unified by life's purity, stained red
Drink the everlasting wisdom
So we may be one
Come back to the circle of existence
Live through the body. Die

By pathways which are severed
Living dead or
Dying through living
Lasting, understanding, deciding
Needing. Attempt to understand
I'm inviting you to E X P A N D
Walk the shoes of the maker

Excess of a diabolical world
The flames of depression shifting
Awe inspiring collages can be seen
Spayed on the wall
No connection can be found, only seen.
Living the memory. In our pods
At the camp. Until we realize

The empty surroundings gazing
Manipulating. Pretending to exist
Slowly, slip away to the endless sleep
Pain lasts no more. Torment seems expected
But unexpectedly absent
Forgiveness through sin
Now that you're here

Let us do it again.

by Adrian Menoover13 Nieves

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