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Three Major Contaminations
LGA ( / Brossard, Quebec, Canada)

Three Major Contaminations

Poem By Luben G. Angeloff

The first contamination in my body
Was when I did in my Mind
A cure for cancer to find.
To make people happy and smile
And live in a fashion style.
But after when I discovered it
Nobody wants to see
Even nobody listens to me
And my voice remains in the desert The second contamination in my body
Is music Since nobody wants to see
The results of my cancer research,
I start to write music, to play and sing,
With the hope at least one person
Will hear the melody of my music.
But the melody of my music also remains
in the desert. The third contamination in my body
Is poetry. Since nobody wants to see
The results of my cancer research and
Nobody listens to the melody of my music,
I start to write poetry, because in the
Poetical language with in its ambiguities,
Everyone can see himself or herself
As in a mirror by reflection.

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