Three Months Of Love

Three months of love.

Three months.
Of anticipated joy and merriment.
Three months.
Of treats, feasts.
And welcomed smiles we meet.
To greet throughout,
Our decorated streets.
Buzzing with love.
And humming melodies of harmony.

Three months of it.
So addicting the need,
To create enemies retreats.
With a hibernating our minds of it,
Put into a seasonal sleep.
To exchange with strangers,
Ideas of gifts to buy.
Caring less if they may be a terrorists.
Or a stalker on us who spies.

And when the New Year arrives.
People have already prepared,
Their resolutions made.
Written to save,
On a list kept prioritized.
To push aside,
When the Spring brings birds...
Out in the warming air.
Chirping to hear them sing.

Three months of love.
November and December have gone.
So has the joy.
The treats, the feasts and the merriment.
But as soon as the warming breezes begin,
To thaw the division to remember.
Out like daffodils.
And budding leaves on trees.
Revenge some seem to wish it provoked.
For them is the season,
To seek and profile...
Those they have never met.
Or take time to get to know.
Those three months of love returns.
And people seem to forget,
Their evil inflicted just to do.
As if to await,
For three months of love.
To anticipate a forgiveness to them given.

"Happy Holidays!
You don't celebrate them?
We all should.
Every opportunity we get.
One never knows,
Just how fast...
These chances to us come.
Before they quickly go."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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