Three Of Many Me (Stupid Fool And Silent Faces)

Poem By Jessie Li here

The painful belief
A lying truth
A truthful lie
A hidden Existence
Lying inside
Corrupting and Breaking
A simple annoyance still in sight
For unknown gifts
The stupid fool they whisper about
Behind those silent faces
The one Hated by ALL
Silently, The one Whom
Lies uncorrupted outside
And breaking inside
I cry to loneliness
I beg to Darkness
Inside I wish
Outside I act
This illusion or real me
I don't know
This character possesing me
Jessie Li Here and
GeeCii Schnider
are just forms of me I can't
control like all else
Forms I can't hide from myself
These are the things that truely
Scare me
Break me

(April 2007)

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