Three Qualities For Pride Of Manhood!

Poem By Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Feeling shy while others praise exuberantly,
Bearing patiently while somebody speak of you indifferently,
Doing virtuous deeds to everybody like clouds pouring rains
without discrimination to anybody are the three qualities
for pride of manhood! (thirikatukam 6)

The present scenario is to influence people
to arrange for praising profusely and periodically,
critisizing persons who pinpoint their mistakes,
and doing things for their own benefits indirectly!

Comments about Three Qualities For Pride Of Manhood!

'Piran Manai nokka peranmai' Thiruvalluvar said. We are different today and no body talks against the evil and we are all scared of being bullied for our old way of thinking.

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