Haiku - Hope

as the dawn appears
dark hills shines under sunlight
sadness fades away

by Mohammed Asim Nehal

Comments (2)

I feel your pain through your 2 poems. Keep writing. I do want to encourage you by giving comfort through my poetry written here on poemhunter. Many religions teach that Almighty God 'takes' our loved ones, which is not true. Does that sound like the God of Love? This teaching is not true. The Creator of heaven, earth and all life created us to live, on earth, forever. That was his original purpose when He created the first man and woman. His purpose has not changed. You can read about it in my poems, 'The Answer' 'The Answer, Complete' 'True Comfort For Those Who Mourn' all of which are based on the promises in God's word, the Bible. He will restore Paradise to the earth and bring back our dead loved ones. Too good to be true? No, for God does not lie. The real 'ruler of this world' does not want anyone to know that he is the cause of death. Who is the real ruler of the world? What does the future hold for our loved ones? Please read some of my poems. You can print the long ones so you can re-read them for comfort. Thank you.
Writing is wonderful therapy, Jessie. Keep healing yourself.