*three Spoilt Cats.

Three spoilt cats
live in my house,
The oldest - and biggest one
is afraid of a mouse.

Shadow's the oldest,
a black tiger without stripes,
He's so adorable -
he sleeps on my tummy at night.

Next there is Possie,
the cheekiest of them all,
she'll tell you off, nice and loud,
if you stop her from running out the door.

And can not forget LB,
last but not lest,
his name stands for Little Blackie -
But it's more like Little Beast.


*This poem is about my three cats.: -)

by Liz Munro

Comments (8)

Cute poem about your cats. I feel like I know them personally now. I have three or four poems about cats myself.
Cute poem about your cats. :) Sincerely, Connie Webb another cat lover
So cuteeeeeee I don't particularlty like cats, but this made me smile and say Awwww Preets
Being a cat person myself I loved this Liz, it made me smile at old memories: -))
Thank you for your comment on Aussie Summer, it's time one of us got a bit parochial. Bye the way, I'm a pussy person too. We've got a Russian Blue called Rommie, who greviously lacks neurons, and Sadie, a delightful tortie. Have a great 2006. Cheers, Jerry
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