Three Weeks Ago

Three weeks ago and counting in my head
I still can't believe you're gone
What made you do it and why
Nothing seemed to really bother you

I guess everyone around you just looked through your lies
Everyone must have seen through your broken smiles
The way you acted nobody seemed to really think anything was wrong

That day I saw you was when you were lying in the casket
I couldn't believe it didn't want to believe that you were dead
Everyday I wonder why you did something like that
Seems like everyone is asking that question

Everyone saw through all those painful lies you told
Everyone just walked on by without a care that you were wanting to die
Just when you needed someone the most they turned their backs on you

Trust me I know
I've been there and done that
But I could never take it this far
Three weeks ago you shot yourself but it seems like it was yesterday

Oh why did you do it
When you didn't deserve to die
When I should have been in the casket not you

Oct 4,2008

NOTES: R.I.P Josh... I still can't believe you're gone...; (NOT GOOD DONT CARE


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This is truly heartbreaking. Made me cry, I'm so sorry. Written very well.