Three Years Ago

Three years has come and gone
Can't believe its been that long
Seems like just yesterday I saw your face

I'm holding on better than what I thought I would
But it still hurts inside
Cause you're gone

The memories are slowly fading away
And I'm trying my best to hang onto them as much as I can
Holding onto the tears with you on my mind

Cause I can't let it show
I've got to be strong and pull myself through
I hear your voice every now and then and it makes me wanna cry

Wish you were still here
Cause things haven't been the same since you've been gone
Its been three depressing years but I've made it through

Sometimes I wish that I didn't make it at all
Cause deep inside I'm torn apart
And nothing will ever replace the sadness inside

After all I knew it was time for you to go
But I didn't think it would be that soon
Thought you would be here for a few years longer

I was hoping and praying that you would make it
Just to see me turn eighteen
But that didn't happen

Fifteen years flashed before my eyes three years ago
Life has never been the same since
And it will never be the same cause you're not here any longer

May 25,2008


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