No More! !

A whispering cold wind shudders the trees
The rain splatters on the window pane
In the centre, a table stands with ease
Wrapped around the leg a shiny gold chain
The heavy wooden door creaks open
And an old man hobbles awkwardly in
He carrys with him a heart that is broken
And puts on the table a rusty tin
The old man leaves with a tear in his eye
I wonder over to where it stands
Opening the tin I begin to cry
Reading old letters with shaking hands
Letters from a son who died in the war
A son he does love but shall see no more

by Becky Ginn

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This poem was set to music by Per Gessle and recorded by Frida of Abba on her 1982 solo album 'Something's Going On'. A beautiful setting of a heart-rending poem.