Thrills Of New Love

The early bloom of a romance is beyond doubt a wonderful thing//
It makes your feet all wobbly like a jellyfish but still keeps you steady like a fin//
The thrills of new love will have you staggering about as if you are nothing but a leaf in the wind //
She had me falling head over heels for her and she did it all in a wink//

I now look at the new, glowingly me and say to myself “New love has been cultivated.”//
No lie when I say that by the veneration she displays I am truly captivated//
Therefore it is ‘in with the new’ and ‘out with the old’ for she is now the one in fashion//
And she gets my poor little heart jam-packed with all kinds of passion//

She showers me with Tender Loving Care which is ever- flowing like waterfalls//
Only sincerity in her eyes when she says she loves me, with that said I know her love isn’t false//
I cherish her the same way a pirate does to treasure as she gives me nothing but pure unabashed bliss//
With the way she hangs around me like a lost puppy I’m pretty sure she is no passing breeze//

by Kesaobaka Abednego Mogwase

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