DG (10May79 / Philippines)


Not enough good
to make up for the bad.
No effort for sadness,
no time to be mad.

Put my arms around you?
For what? I don't know.
We hold on to nothing
'cause it hurts to let go.

Who cares where you're at?
by my side, on the phone.
It doesn't make a difference,
I'd still feel alone.

Your future family's disappearing,
while you rot before the T.V.
Hey, you f*&#ing prick!
Can you even see me?

Do you want me to be happy
'cause I'm pregnant with your baby?
Well, f*&# you, I could care less,
when you call this kid a 'maybe'.

We don't need your money, help,
or even DNA.
Don't care for weekend visits,
take my word, we'll be okay.

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