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Through A Child

Through a child’s eyes
Black and white are the same
Kids always love light
Scrapes are their pain
They don’t tell any lies
And a city is big
Through a child’s eyes

Through a teenagers eyes
Love and sex are the same
They usually hate life
Love is their pain
They’re starting to hate
And starting to tell lies
And a state is big
Through a teenager’s eyes

Through an adult’s eyes
Nothings the same
They really don’t care
Life is their pain
All they know is hare
They don’t care about lies
And the world is big
Through an adult’s eyes

Through an old person’s eyes
We’re all the same
They always love life
Old age is their pain
They forgot the lies
And a heart is big
Through an old person’s eyes

So why are kids too young
And elders too old
When neither tells lies
Feels no hatred or cold

Why can’t we listen
They have so much to give
And learn to love life
And learn how to live

by Blue Paige

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Great poem. Also, great advice. Sincerely, Mary