Through Adult's Eyes

Through an Adult's eyes, Life's a game.
The news, the prose, they're one and the same.
A war claims lives,
People Die.
Its only a fight through an Adult's eyes.

Through an Adult's eyes, work is all.
The Jobs, the paperwork, each day is a wall.
Computers and books.
Little difference to us.
There reality checks.

Through an Adult's eyes, we will eventually die.
Apathy, and old age, their road invades.
A neverending path,
We can't run away.
All there is, is work and play.

Through an Adult's eyes, fall has arrived.
The sunlight, the moon, the fresh morning dew.
Each day brings, no surprise.
Each day is the same through,
This Adult's Eyes.

by Chantelle Clark

Comments (2)

Awesome poem Chantelle! You touched on a LOT of valid points... nicely done! Brian
Yes this can be the case only too often, but if we can, from time to time, try and remember what it was like to be able to see the world afresh then this can have a real healing effect on all of us, A very thought provoking write Chantelle, Love Duncan