SJ (1991 / arizona)

Through And Thorugh

Theres a piece of my heart,
that I've saved just for you,
but you want it all,
through and through.

My whole heart,
is just so big,
ill try to give it all,
to you,
but God,
if I'm not all in this,
that just leaves us apart.

Was that the purpose,
of my,
very human,

here take it all,
i don't want it anymore,
it's left me alone,
and behind,
something you've never done.

You've never,
failed me,

The truth is,
I've have some hidden pieces,
in my heart,
the ones that are broken,
and i didn't want you to see them,
but you are God,
so you did,
you do,
see the broken pieces.

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