Through Another Sleepless Night

I paint this canvas
With the blood from my heart
Its simplistic but true
Each brushstroke becomes art

I stare at myself
The reflection, this painting
At once I realize
All I hate is that painting

A meshing of blood and bone
Chained, too insecure
I find myself alone

My silence, my wisdom
My heart silently screaming
I want to cry out
My heart silently screaming

I’m begging for death
It is an easy way out
My heart in pieces
It becomes easy to doubt

Hope I’ve held onto
Seems to quickly be fading
Praying for “easy”
Hope continually cascading

No person can save
Here comes the wind and the rain
Like thorns on my face
Taking my dive through the pain

The concrete rushing
Just before I hit the ground
The tears come without a sound

But I am still here
Sometimes dark covers the light
And I lay awake
Through another sleepless night

by Joshua Colling

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