'Guy Friend'

I am always here for you
we remind each other untill our tounges bleed
untill we know its true
my shoulder is yours to cry on
ears always ready to listen
telling me everything
I can't help but love you back
its not in me to refuse you
I know when you think about me
I can read it upon your lips
it screams at me in your gaze
sometimes I give up and just feel the same
you tell me he is so lucky
you wish every girl could love like me
I look at you through confused eyes
are you saying that you love me?
but us two
we have a silent agreement you and I
because you know I love him so much
its not even worth it to try
I always used to fight it
but I finally think I understand
why everyone says it is impossible
to just have a 'guyfriend'

by Sierra Love

Comments (7)

In fact this is the most felt poem for me due to its contents that hurts the sentiments of a responsible son and mom who is helpless in the circumstances and beyond control. Such things are happening throughout the world
wow lauren your amazing to put down what you and your mum went through into words is absolutley amazing.another great poem you have alot of talent.
Lauren, It's rare for me to give a '10' to anyone... BUT can I give a '14' to you and your Mum? I had occasion earlier to remember Ray Charles, but it seems that that old stand-by 'Hit The Road, Jack '... would not have worked for you! May I suggest a little Neil Diamond might be nice! (Brother Love's.... show!) He says - - - to 'Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies, and Everyone goes! '
I think you are very brave, just like your mum, who's my best friend. I think you are all starting a new and better life, which i think you all really deserve after all youve been through. You will get there....
This poem certainly brought tears to my eyes, it must have been very hard for you to put feelings into words. I should know Lauren, because im your mum. Im so sorry you had to go through so much trauma in your life, your very brave too and I really hope this is a new begining for all of us. You make the pain im suffering so much easier, you really do make sense of what lifes all about.
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